Outside Sliding Plug Doors


The Outside Sliding Plug Door system from Vapor is ideal for city buses. The complete system, consisting of an actuator mechanism, mechanical linkages and door leaves, provides a wide door opening for rapid passenger boarding and alighting.

The actuator mechanism is designed and assembled as a complete, compact unit for rapid installation, even in confined spaces. An integral electro-pneumatic control system provides precise control of door opening and closing speeds, obstruction sensing, and emergency release functions.

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Standard Features


  • Simple, robust actuation mechanism for long life and minimum maintenance
  • Transit service-proven pneumatic actuator
  • Rugged belt and pulley system assures synchronous operation of door leaves
  • Low profile, space efficient design
  • Easy installation with minimum adjustment
  • Obstruction sensing on door opening and closing
  • Single or double leaf configurations
  • Choice of door glazing arrangements

Technical Specification

Net Portal Opening

  • Single Leaf:  650 mm (25.60 in.)
  • Double Leaf:  1,200 mm (47.25 in.)
  • Unplug Excursions:   60 mm – 95 mm (2.38 – 3.75 in.)
  • Door Opening/Closing Speed:    2-3 +/- 0.5 second
  • Operating Air Pressure:   6.2 – 8.3 bar (90-120 psi)
  • Obstruction Detection:   Leading and trailing edge capability
  • Emergency Release:   Manually actuated release with last commanded state restored
  • Anti-Slam Protection:  Integral-active on startup
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