Equipping your vehicle to allow you to travel, either independently or as a passenger, is vitally important to wheelchair and scooter users. It ensures daily tasks such as work and shopping, or simply visiting places and people can be undertaken and, above all, enjoyed.

The team at Faiveley Vapor Ricon work hard to develop a comprehensive range of ramps, lifts and accessibility vehicle aids to suit all requirements and vehicles, but when it comes to looking for one to suit your needs it can often seem a little daunting.

However, our team are well versed in advising convertors and their valued customers on the best product available for them. Here’s a few things to think about so that together we can find the right vehicle solution for you.

What’s the difference between a ramp and a lift in terms of what they offer me?

Our lifts and ramps permit access in a variety of ways and gives vehicle providers choice in the type of access assistance they provide. Lifts are available to cope with the most rigorous demands with lightweight options available which offer unparalleled interior access with their non-intrusive space saving footprint.

An alternative way of accessing the vehicle is the installation of a ramp which offers economical access for a variety of vehicle types. Suited for wheelchair and mobility scooter users, the ramps permit greater independence, have easy to use controls, are lightweight and are easily removed from vehicles when not required.

How easy are they to fit and do I need a particular type of vehicle?

Our ramps and lifts are all easy to install – we ensure the right equipment is specified for your exact requirements and one of our third party convertors will install the lift or ramp for you and support you with ongoing maintenance. There is not a specific brand or model of vehicle that you need, however we can advise on equipment sizes and the vehicles available that will accommodate most.

How do I travel safely once inside the vehicle?

We have a number of winches, restraints and specially adapted floor options to ensure your wheelchair or mobility scooter can be firmly anchored in the vehicle. This will ensure that you, and other vehicle occupants can travel safely and that as a passenger your ride can be smooth and pleasant.

As a driver, what options do I have?

Our hugely popular Six-way Power Transfer Seat makes the transfer from wheelchair to either driver or passenger seat convenient and easy, saving valuable time and ensuring safety at all times and enhancing independence for its users.

Easy to install, the seat base can be fitted in new vehicles or as a retro-fit product and, with its easy to operate fingertip controls, the seat can be pivoted in six different directions giving users a tailor made approach to alighting and disembarking vehicles.

A happy customer

Fiona Briglmen, who has an Auto Electronic Ramp, part of our R Series range, found our ramp to be particularly beneficial in accommodating her Terrain Hopper wheelchair.

“I find it hard to explain just what a difference this has made to my everyday life – exercising my assistance dog and just getting out on my own without having to rely on other people,” said Fiona Briglmen. “It is this type of ‘can do’ attitude and determination to find workable solutions that has set Faiveley Vapor Ricon apart from all its competitors. I cannot praise them enough and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Our Vision

Our aim is to try and minimise the stress and worry that travel can bring by developing reliable, easy to use products that really do make life more simple for everyone who uses them. It’s important to us that we play our part in making the world not only more accessible, but accessible with comfort and simplicity so that everything from daily tasks to foreign holidays have the potential to be safe and accessible with ease.

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